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with Lori

Lori Poland has worked in the non-profit sector for 20 years specializing in trauma, attachment, relationship and families and children. Lori has extensive education and experience in infant mental health, child and adolescent and marriage and couples work. Lori is skilled and trained in a clinical technique called Rapid Resolution Therapy, which reduces the impact trauma has on the brain, supporting a new way of thinking around the trauma and therefore releasing it’s effects.

The Path to Healing

Coaching and Therapy 

You don’t have to be in coaching and therapy for years to find healing and growth. In fact so much expansion can happen when we dig deep, desire change and put the work in to expand. Lori will help with assigning homework, suggested readings, and life modifications that will help with healing and personal growth. 

15 min free consultation (zoom only)

Lori will host a 15 minute zoom call that will allow all parties to meet, learn about desired outcomes and get a flavor for Lori’s working style to determine the best fit.

Straight Talk Session

Lori will provide guided suggestions on exact steps to solution. This session is done in 2 hours with a follow up 2 weeks after and can be completed online or in person. Lori will provide direct suggestions and guidance on implementation strategies and plans for moving past current states and into healing.

As-Needed Healing Coaching Sessions

These sessions are intended to walk with you toward the desired outcome. 

12 Week Healing Coaching Sessions

Goals and outcomes will be determined at the start of work with specific plans, suggestions, homework and practice.

Children (in person only)

Children need connection and face to face interaction to create the needed trust and security to feel open in sharing and growing. Children are the light of the future, ensuring they are engaged, healed, able to express themselves and truly feel supported is the ultimate goal in working with littles. 

Parent Support

Being a parent is by far the hardest job anyone can do. Helping parents feel supported, guided, focused and intentional is the goal for this work. Lori will guide parents through their current state, create a desired outcome, a better understanding of what the barriers are and suggested implementations on moving beyond the struggles.  


Should you be seeking services for work in your own communities, please refer to the following resources:

  1. Family Resource Centers  
  2. Your Local Mental Health Agency
  3. Psychology Today
  4. Rapid Solution